ViroSurf Zero Starter Cartridge-Eco Pack

The sample pack includes 2 x 8ml cartridges and 1 x 500ml bottle.


NEW test results in 2021 - now effective against all enveloped viruses including coronavirus, HIV, hepatitis, influenza and many other microorganisms...


Virofex ViroSurf Eco-Cartridge is a concentrated, cartridge-based delivery system for an alcohol-free surface disinfectant.

Designed to eliminate the need to measure and dispense hazardous chemicals and ultimately save medical practices time and money while ensuring the exact dosage is used every time, improving the staff and patient safety.


  • Effective against Covid-19;
  • New virucidal test EN14476 + A2;
  • Alcohol-free surface disinfectant;
  • Unique cartridge delivery system;
  • Precise, safe and risk-free dosing, every time;
  • For non-invasive medical devices;
  • 2 in 1 – contains detergent for increased cleaning power;
  • Contact time of only 30 seconds;
  • Broad material compatibility.
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Each Eco-Cartridge contains exactly the right amount of concentrate for a 500ml spray bottle, just add water.


The cartridge sits in the neck of the uniquely designed bottle and is automatically activated by screwing the trigger mechanism into place.


ViroSurf Zero can be used on almost any surface in the dental practice, including non-invasive medical devices.


Each pack of Eco-Cartridge dispensers contains 10 cartridges of 8ml, which is equivalent to a 5L/5kg container of ready-to-use disinfectant.


The packs can easily be fixed to the wall using the supplied adhesive pads. The exterior surface of the Eco-Cartridge dispenser is coated with Biocote, a unique antimicrobial coating based on silver ions, which allows the dispenser to be fixed to the wall, even in so-called “clean” areas.



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